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Photographic crafts (opinion)

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As it seems, I am becoming outfashioned - again. I keep on taking photos with my DSLR (a digital Canon 500D, wich provides real vision through the penta-mirror - not penta-prism), working on composition, lighting... and then, doing some later post-processing.
Even when I used Photoshop, it is not really inside my budget (at least, until I can work as a pro with photography...), so currently I am using GIMP, quite similar for most of the usual processes. With time, I could improve my technique, and I am preparing a book, which I hope to publish within this year.
But I take a look around and I can see everyday anouncements for new cameras with advanced automatic modes, and even cellphones capable of taking quite reasonable photos, applying creative effects on the fly...
So I picture myself again as a library rat - or rather, a photolab rat, in this case. The revival of film photography, even just as a curiosity, won't change this. There is a majority of people interested in point-and-shoot photography, in capturing moments regardless of the result quality.
Anyway, as long as this situation won't change much, I will keep on carrying my camera around, almost everywhere I go. And, if time and family allows me to, I will keep on spending long hours in front of my monitor, balancing lights and colour, and finding the right crop for my pictures...
Originally posted: Feb 8th 2012

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